Dog Biscuits and Treats Training

Photo by FlyNutAA

Dogs and their treats are a winning combination. You simply can't go wrong if you use dog biscuits and treats as a training reward.

From The Dog Daily, here are seven tips on how to best use dog biscuits and treats during training sessions:

1. Allow your dog to sample the treat.

Use small treats or biscuits.

Vary the flavors.

Be timely with food rewards.

Alternate food rewards with petting and verbal praise.

Don't vary treat quality.

Reward your dog with a “jackpot” when deserved.

Two brands I've had great success with for my beloved 71 lbs mutt are the Milk-Bone Dog Biscuits (small) and AKC Super Premium Biscuits (peanut butter, small).

I use the small biscuits as a regular treat (we have to watch that waistline, you know!), and the large Milk-Bone biscuits as a "jackpot" reward.

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