Your Monday Morning Dog Zen

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It's Monday Morning! While you are off to work, me and my adorable nose are off to sleep.

Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds

You've already heard that the Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog in America for the 18th consecutive year, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC).

But do you know what dog breed was most popular at the time of the organization’s founding in 1884? Here's the list from 1884:

AKC Registered Breeds in 1884

1. Pointer
2. Chesapeake Bay Retriever
3. English Setter
4. Gordon Setter
5. Irish Setter
6. Clumber Spaniel
7. Cocker Spaniel
8. Irish Water Spaniel
Sussex Spaniel

And if you're wondering what breed is most popular in your area, check out this 50 Largest U.S. Cities Top 10 Most Popular Breeds finder.


PetSmart Grreat Choice Dog Biscuits Recall

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The widespread peanut butter products recall has now extended to dog biscuits. The twist, it's not your dog that's in danger of salmonella contamination, it's you and your family:

PORT CHESTER, N.Y. (CBS) ― More and more products made with peanut butter continue to be recalled – more than 120 of them to be exact – all suspected of possible contamination in the nationwide salmonella scare.

The list now even includes pet foods. "Grreat Choice" dog biscuits are the first pet food to be voluntarily recalled during the peanut butter salmonella scare. The Food and Drug Administration says the biscuits pose very little danger to dogs.

The real concern is for the humans who handle the biscuits, according to Saungi McCalla, the head of Infection Control at White Plains Hospital Center.

"If the biscuits are contaminated, you touch the biscuits, then if you do not wash your hands and do a proper job than you can contaminate yourself or other food products," McCalla said.


The recalled products include only the following types of Grreat Choice Dog Biscuits sold between Aug. 21, 2008 and Jan. 19, 2009:

Small Assorted 32 oz., UPC 73725702900
Small/Medium Assorted 4 lb., UPC 73725700601
Small/Medium Assorted 8 lb., UPC 73725700605
Small/Medium Assorted 10 lb., UPC 73725702755
Large Assorted 8 lb., UPC 73725700638
Extra Large Assorted 8 lb., UPC 73725700779
Peanut Butter 4 lb., UPC 73725700766

Customers who purchased the recalled dog biscuit products should discontinue use immediately and can return the product to any PetSmart store for a complete refund or exchange. Customers can visit www.petsmartfacts.com for more information or contact PetSmart Customer Service at 1-888-839-9638.


Your Monday Morning Dog Zen

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Once again, it's Monday morning. Since I fit in the palm of a hand, I, unlike you, get to sleep in.


Your Monday Morning Dog Zen

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It's Monday morning! You: off to work. Me: off to napy-poo.


Poodle Mix Cuteness

A little cuteness overdose from Baxter, the Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix.


Puppy Behavior Basics

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Here are six puppy behavior basics tips from Cesar Millan:

1. When a puppy enters the world, his first pack leader is his mother.

2. Newborn puppies don’t get a name like we do.

3. As newborns, first the puppy's nose starts to work, then the eyes, and finally the ears.

4. In their natural habitat, dogs earn food and water and experience the world around them by walking.

5. There can only be so many pack leaders, so most dogs are born submissive.

6. As adults, dogs look to their pack leader to create that stability.


Beatrix, the Golden Retriever

With a name like Beatrix and a face like that it's hard not to be most adorable.

Cuteness, Wild Animal Division

More Monday morning animal cuteness, with an accent:


Your Monday Morning Dog Zen

It's the first Monday morning of a brand new year so, off to work you go! Meanwhile, I'll take a nap and dream of all the great things we'll do in 2009.


Brilliant Dog Tricks

But with...cats:

Dog Biscuits and Treats Training

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Dogs and their treats are a winning combination. You simply can't go wrong if you use dog biscuits and treats as a training reward.

From The Dog Daily, here are seven tips on how to best use dog biscuits and treats during training sessions:

1. Allow your dog to sample the treat.

Use small treats or biscuits.

Vary the flavors.

Be timely with food rewards.

Alternate food rewards with petting and verbal praise.

Don't vary treat quality.

Reward your dog with a “jackpot” when deserved.

Two brands I've had great success with for my beloved 71 lbs mutt are the Milk-Bone Dog Biscuits (small) and AKC Super Premium Biscuits (peanut butter, small).

I use the small biscuits as a regular treat (we have to watch that waistline, you know!), and the large Milk-Bone biscuits as a "jackpot" reward.