A Dog, a Cat, and a Parakeet Go Into a Psychologist's Office

Photo by FlyNutAA

Do you love dogs, cats, and other pets? Are you worried about the current economic crisis and its effect on your finances? If so, here's a great way to make your love of animals work for you. Consider a career as a pet psychologist, one of six top hot new careers:

Once the local vet has ruled out physical ailments that can contribute to rude pet behavior, people who love their animals may need to call in a trained, certified behaviorist or pet psychologist. As with human patients, pets can be analyzed and taught to act contrary to destructive impulses. There are even certified applied animal behaviorists. To get into the field, you'll need a master's or doctorate degree in psychology, preferably with additional work in zoology and animal behavior. Salaries vary greatly by locale, but can be upwards of $90,000 a year.

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